Soft Body with loaded obj model in three.js and ammo.js

I was trying to load my 3d obj model using objLoader() in three.js and use it as a BufferGeometry in the createSoftVolume(BuffGeometry,VolumeMass,10) in ammo.js .

But when I run the script it says undefined index in the console .

I had seen this dicussion discussion link where he tries to do the same with gltf .
From this I got to know that I was using the createSoftVolume() in the wrong position as it was calling the function before it could actually load the model .

Below is the example of the softbody demo which I was using as a starter codeā€¦
Softbody demo code

I had also asked the same in stackoverflow
stackoverflow site link
If this was not the right place to answer this do help me out there.

Any small help would be appreciated .
Thanks in advance