Cloth collision with complex meshes

I tried to make a cloth fall onto a complex glb mesh (I used a triangle mesh shape) I imported but there’s a lot of clipping, the cloth even goes through the whole mesh at times. I tried to solve it by increasing the number of vertices in the cloth, increasing the number of velocity and position iterations, reducing the interval for internal steps in the simulation, but there’s still some awful clipping through my mesh, despite a better result

Is there an example of cloth collisions with a complex mesh? A tutorial on ammo.js cloth simulation, its parameters and how to improve the final result? Even just achieving what I can do in Blender, maybe with worse performance but I would like to at least be able to make the cloth not pass through my mesh, that’s the minimum requirement to have an acceptable result

I also noticed that when I simply hang a cloth off a bar or something like in the examples on the three.js site the cloth is quite smooth, but when it collides with something there are often very sharp edges for some reason. Another problem is cloth self collisions, is there a way to implement them in ammo? I’m not interested in good real time performance by the way, I just need to do a simulation, and then bake it in some way (?), or save the last frame once the cloth is at rest, is it even possible?

Hello, have you ever done real time fabric state on character model clothes