How to make Indexed BufferGeometry Fat Line?

For example, how to turn this demo to fat line version?

I tried examples/Line2 and examples/WireFrame but all failed.
And seems examples/LineSegments2 is very different from src/LineSegments, so can not be used directly.

Do you know these examples from the Collection of examples from ?

FatLineEdges 2020

2021-05-29 20.40.52

eXtended eXamples 2019:
2021-05-29 20.39.51

2021-05-29 20.39.41


If you don’t want to use the setPositions function on LineSegments2 you can use the LineSegmentsGeometry.fromLineSegments function to convert your existing object to thick lines.


It seems this a non-indexed geometry. So it is necessary to convert the indexed geometry to a triangle soup via BufferGeometry.toNonIndexed().

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