How to make glass more realistic with voxel.js?

How to make glass more realistic with voxel.js? The file is here:
error voxel glass
And this capture denote the error of the glass… so ¿How to make the glass work correctly?

I have never worked with Voxel.js, so I cannot provide a solution. However, although Voxel.js appears to be built on top of Three.js, should it be more natural to post such questions to the Voxel.js community or directly to its developers?

In any case, glass materials are tricky, especially if you want to have any number of overlapping glass boxes.

Good luck with your project and with looking for how to make realistic glass boxes.

Where is the voxel.js community or support forum?

I don’t know where they are, as I said:

If there are experienced voxel.js users here, I hope they will show up and give some advice.


  • if the project is on GitHub, there might be [Issues] section, where users can report problems
  • if the project has a social media presence, you may send a message there
  • if the project has a site, it should have some form of contact information
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