How to make .alphaHash material transparency visually same as .transparent property has

Hi guys,

With the new update of three@0.154.0, new method for materials has been introduced called .alphaHash. This method effectively resolves the long-standing alpha sorting problem however, I have a question regarding achieving the same visual appearance as the previous .transparent=true method. How can I achieve this with the new .alphaHash method?

with .transparent=true

with .alphaHash=true

Thanks in advance

Because of the noise/grain alpha hash can not restore the exact same visual appearance as before. You have to use a proper anti-aliasing technique like TAA or SSAA (not MSAA) that mitigates the issue. Try it with TAARenderPass like in the official example: three.js examples


Thanks a lot!

curious to know if you tried your example with TAARenderPass and whether the improvements were significant. if so, please share some improved images of the same scene here.
thanks much