How to load parasolid file in three js

How to load parasolid file(.x_t) in three js

AFAIK, there is no loader for Parasolid files. It’s a CAD format, right? In this case, you might want to export your files to e.g. STL .

thank you for the reply

you are right its a cad format. there is one problem in the STL file is that we cannot apply different color in different parts rt? we already have lots of parasolid file. if there is any way we can convert this into object file then we can identify each part and color them and we have object loader in the three js as well

You can try to export to PLY or OBJ. Both formats support vertex colors and three.js has respective loaders.

In order to reduce file size, you should consider to convert OBJ to glTF in the next step.

ok sure. is there any way we can convert parasolid file to object file programattically using javascript?

AFAIK, no. Can’t you perform the conversion/export with your CAD tool?

no AFAIK.we are getting the parasolid files from the external provider.thats the problem. we already have thousands of parasolid files. so if we can convert them programatically to .obj then it will be helpful

There seem to be many tools for this. Just google “parasolid to obj” :wink:

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ok thank you