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My company would like use Three.js to make a configurator.

My only source file is native alias 3D file (.wire). I need your help to know how to convert my .wire file to something compatible on three.

my software : Alias Autodesk, blender

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Try to export your models to STL. Alias Autodesk should provide a respective export option. In the next step, load your files via STLLoader.

There is no loader in order to load (proprietary) wire files directly into a three.js application. I also think it’s no good idea to develop something like this since CAD file formats are often very complicated and not polygon based.

Hi and thx Mugen !

I have only SAT, FBX, OBJ, DES, VDAFS, JAMAIS, VDAIS, IGES, STEP and WIRE export with Alias

I did not find yet the good process to export to threejs

With fbx export i have some material losses :s

There are also loaders for OBJ.


No work, mtl option does not exist :s

I’m a little bit surprised that you have no export option for STL. It’s more or less a standard file format of CAD tools…

Someone uses alias? :s

Why not just asking the Autodesk support/community? :wink:


Or whomever is providing the wire file, you can ask them if they can provide something else.

yea sure…

they can not… only Fbx export but they dont know exactly how to do :s

I need a process :confused:

With fbx export i have some material losses :s

Are you using the latest FBXLoader from the dev branch?

I need a process :confused:

Your process should be to get the files properly exported in either FBX or OBJ formats. The place to ask about that is the Autodesk forums.


My options is :
File Formats : FBX
Logfile Output : Yes or No
Export Curves : Yes or No
Export Symmetry : Yes or No
Export Instances : Yes or No
Export Variants : Yes or No
Export Cameras : Yes or No
Export Lights : Yes or No
Export Shaders : Yes or No
Divide Periodic : Yes or No
File Format : ASCII or binary
File Version : 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2006
Axis Conversion : Z Up Axis or Y Up Axis
Trim Curve Type : 3D model space curves or 2D parameter space curves and 3D Curves or 2D-3D model Tessellate : Yes or no
if Yes Tolerance : 0.01 and Tesselator : Acurate or Fast

An advice ?


Those are good options!

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You are going to have to test the options yourself to see what works for your model.
However, you can start with yes to everything, Y-up, Binary format, version 2016.

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Thx for your advise