How to load obj files with Qt Quick and QML using Canvas3D?

I’m using Qt 5.9 and want to be able to load obj files using three.js. I’ve made a stack overflow post asking for help here that has more details on the situation.

I’m looking for a simple explanation or example that shows how to load an object model in Qt QML using Cavas3D. Using the basic example provided by the README located here, I’ve tried to get it to work but it seems that there are some missing pieces that I cannot figure out.

I greatly appreciate any help in this matter.!

Three.js is more commonly used within a web page - while it probably can be used with, I would suggest that you become familiar with using it in the standard way first, especially since reading over your SO post your issues seem to be arising from basic problems including the OBJLoader.

You can’t just append the OBJLoader to the end of the three.js file, it needs to be imported separately and may need to be slightly edited before doing so, since it expects a global THREE object.