How to integrate threejs editor into React

I’ve installed r3f js via npm and I’ve been render a simple 3d object .
but i want to control and edit that object, i realized that there is tool call three js editor …
so i want to use three js editor in my web app.
my question is how to integrate three js Editor in my web app

PS: i’m new in three js

I’m afraid there is no brief answer to this question. The three.js editor is a complete web application, and it is not written using React. Rewriting it in React would be a large endeavour.

You may find it more helpful to review examples already written in React, or libraries like Drei or Leva.

threejs editor has little to do with react, it’s a stand alone app, you create something and save a scene. you can just use it.

in fiber you should look at triplex. it’s tied to your actual project and code. you change something and it gets fed back to code, you write code and it gets fed back into the editor. this works with your regular code editor, be it VSC or whatever you prefer.

if you wanted to let users edit stuff in your own app, that would certainly be possible with triplex, it’s built to be extendable, it will drive level editors and things like that in the future. other than that, everything that @donmccurdy mentioned. leva especially is useful.