How to import Zip file of OBJ Mtl and textures

Hello I everyone I looked all options and solutions but currently thay are not working for me even three.js/editor is not unable to load zip file (mode.obj & materials.mtl)
is thair any valid solution for this
Regards Thank you

Are you trying to bring a ZIP into the three.js editor? Or to implement something like that in your own project?

Boris, I unpacked the zip and loaded the obj & mtl and directly. It requires a bit of effort to parse the zipped components and make sure they’ve got a mtl & obj inside of them. This is the zip unpacker I use

Sorry for late answer so I am trying to implement it on my own project.
I so what I was trying to achive is unzip file and read them and load it to scene so far I just achive to load obj file without texture and somehow textures are missing. And same I could load fbx file

sorry could you share that part of your code?

FWIW I use simple-dropzone to load ZIP files in my own viewers (, This requires searching the ZIP for the root file, and then additional processing to enable the loader to find images and other files in the ZIP.

The thing is that you are uploading glb and gltf so my goal is to load .obj and .mtl with its texturesI.
I am successfuly unziping the zip file with JSZip and getting object like so {fileName: BlobUrl}
but after this wen I load .mtl file with Mtl Loader and setting as texture to .obj file (which is downloaded by Obj loader and ) I am getting black model without texture.

Yes, I don’t have an example using OBJ+MTL+Textures but it should be similar enough to glTF+Bin+Textures that the code above may still be helpful to learn how to load the textures.