How to implement cross-selection between 2D and 3D parts as shown here?

As in the title, where should I start to combine 2D drawing and 3D model in the same way as in the drawing?

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So you want to be able to select single components of a complex 3D object and highlight it in your 3D and 2D scene, right? I guess you also want to support the other way around (select something on the 2D view and highlight it in both scenes)?

Hi, thank you for your answer. Yes, that’s exactly what I want to achieve. I am just looking for some ideas, what i can use to achieve that.

The 3D interaction is normally implemented with raycasting. The highlighting can be achieved via post-processing e.g. via OutlinePass.

In general, you have to organize your 3D model as a hierarchy of individual meshes. If you have instead a single geometry, it will be very difficult to work with single components (e.g. stairs, floors etc.). This is something you have to ensure during the design phase of your models.

Besides, you probably need a simple data structure that maps 3D meshes to parts of your 2D image. In this way, you can easily determine the corresponding object and perform the respective highlight.