How use object selection with cutting the model?

Hey, i have a human body model that i want to be able to select areas (hand , leg, etc) as for now i’ve used raycast and it’s worked fine - the problem is that the figure looks bad since it’s cut - i wonder if there is a way to “smooth” the look or avoid cutting the model and use a different way of section selecting.
As you can see in the picture - the cut areas looks bad (the front part of the arm and the back part of the arm).

I’ve tried all the smoothing methods i’ve found:

  object.material.shading = THREE.SmoothShading;
  const tempGeometry = new THREE.Geometry().fromBufferGeometry( node.geometry );
  node.geometry = new THREE.BufferGeometry().fromGeometry( tempGeometry );

I’ve also tried the subdivisionModifier - but no luck…

If a 3D object should be composed of different parts, the usual workflow is to create a hierarchy of 3D objects. Because when working with multiple 3D objects, converting geometries into different representations (e.g. BufferGeometry to Geometry) and the recompute normals won’t have the intended effect (because you have many independent geometry objects which do not effect each other).

To me, this is a modeling issue that should be solved in Blender. Fixing issues like this in code should not be the first choice.

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Thanks i’ve found a solution by creating 2 models - 1 visible (not split) and the other transparent (split) - so only when i select part - then it becomes visible - thanks!