How to implement controls similar to Autodesk Forge?

I want to highlight element like Autodesk Forge but just use Three.js like this gif highlight

If I click outside the object, the highlight’ll be cancelled, but If I click and then keep my mouse to move object and then mouse up, the highlight’ll not be cancelled.

Which events that I have to add events. And how I control the Intersection. Thanks a lot!
Note I am developing a project with just using Three.js, and I highlighted the selected element, but I can not control the highlight like Forge in this video

Please check out this basic example:

I’ve used webgl_interactive_draggablecubes as a basis and just enhanced onDocumentMouseDown() of THREE.DragControls. The visual quality of the highlight effect is very basic. I just set white as emissive color. Autodesk Forge seems to apply a more advanced shader.

But at least the demo shows you the handling with the respective event listeners.