How to get world oriented InstancedMesh boundingBox?

Hi, I’m new to threejs and trying to learn to work with InstancedMesh. Is there a way to get world boundingBox from an instance mesh object? With a regular Mesh, I am getting the world oriented boundingBox this way…
var box = new THREE.Box3();
box.copy( mesh.geometry.boundingBox ).applyMatrix4( mesh.matrixWorld );
But this doesn’t appear to work with an instance mesh object, the box.min and box.max are locally oriented. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not possible?

computeBoundingBox() does currently not work for InstancedMesh. More information here:

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Thanks very much. I’ve read through that issue and I still am not clear if I’m asking the right question. It sounds to me like that issue is with the "AABB that encloses all instances of InstancedMesh". But I’m looking for the bounding box of just one of the single instances of an InstancedMesh. I get access to this single instance by Raycaster instersect. Is there any way to get the bounding box of a single instance within an InstancedMesh, or is it still the same problem?