How to get the texture images of the glb file from the blob url?


I’m new to threejs. I’m trying to access the texture image data which is embedded within a glb file.
I have a glb model , which when i try to import to the scene, loads up with correct textures.

But , when i save the project in my application and try to reopen, the model loads up with no textures. It’s completely black. I’m getting error 404: not found in the consoles. I’m guessing there are no texture image files in the specified path for loading.

I know that the GLTF loader uses the blob url(objectUrl) when loading the textures of a glb/gltf model and GLTF Loader revokes the url after loading.

So, is there any way i can extract the texture images from the glb file within threejs, and load them with the model?
Or, is it possible to access the image files from the blob data?