How to get the position Vector3 past the Vector3 position?

If I do. this:

  const CAMERA_POSITION = new THREE.Vector3();
  const TARGET_POSITION = new THREE.Vector3();



That works great to get the interpolated position further from the

How would I do the same but going towards the but also PAST it? Changing -0.5 to 0.5 can only get me closer but never past that point. I don’t know how to get the interpolated point from the camera position-controls target position vector past the controls target position.

Once I get that point past, I would then set that to the new value in order to allow my camera to go beyond that point.

I’m basically trying to get the position to adjust as I get closer to it so that I don’t bump and stopped on it.

Try 1.5, because 0.5 will be the midpoint:

(or -0.5, but with swapped positions)

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