How to get the example of a BatchedMesh?

How to get the example of a BatchedMesh? Im asking this because i dont know how to download this:

Can someone know how to download this proyect?

Source code of each example is in the bottom-right corner :relieved:

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Not all examples have the link i think.

Its this only?:

You said that 1000 cubes per screen is the maximum, so, im now closing it…

A bit of a side-note for clarity - never said anything like that :see_no_evil: Three.js can render quite a bit more than just a 1000 cubes. But there’s a big complexity difference between 1000 and 1000000.

Then… how is the type of mesh that haves the maximum speed in fps?

If you preffer better the another question thread than use this question thread, answer the another question…

Please see the links I added in the previous thread you’ve posted - it’s not about what geometries you use, rather about how. The minecraft article (and it’s previous part) explains quite well what’s needed to render voxel worlds - just using InstancedMesh or BatchedMesh will not help much.

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