How to generate uv attribute for buffer geometry (mesh)

I loaded a group of meshes (buffer geometry) in the threejs scene, and just noticed that they don’t have uv attribute at all. How to generate uvs for geometry.attributes

hi @chloesun,

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution yet?


you would typically unwrap a model in blender, and it’s rarely not a manual process. blender has auto unwrap but it’s looking pretty dodgy more often than not. even if there is a solution, doing any of that in the browser on the single cpu thread, it doesn’t inspire confidence.

I’d just also note that if you already have a texture, it’s probably designed for a specific set of UVs. If the model is missing UVs, then you’re missing critical information, and generating new UVs won’t really help. Only in very simple cases (basic pattern texture, or basic quad/cube geometry) is that possible.

Otherwise it is necessary to do “UV unwrapping” in a tool like Blender as @drcmda mentions, there are many tutorials for this on youtube, but requires some important design/art choices.