How to fill a 3d model from inside

Hi there, my model when clipped is totally hollow from inside is there a way to make it completely filled from the inside?



Ignore the hovering text

Maybe with three-bvh-csg. ADDITION or INTERSECTION operation.

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But I don’t need to add two stuff I just want the teeth model to be filled from the inside that’s all

If you are getting confused by the text inside the scene its totally a separate thing. I just want the main 3d model to be filled from inside

Maybe this approach will be helpful:


Is it the stencil material creating the effect that the geometry is filled?

This is also alternative, which may work in some cases. It colors the inside in a flat color, so it appears visually as if it is filled in (but it is not).


If i export the model will the flat color look as it is a part of geometry or a material?

No it won’t export a closed model. To get an actual exportable geometry, you’ll have to use mesh-bvh-csg or similar to perform the cutaway, perhaps by subtracting a large cube from the original model.