How to extract texture part from 3D object


I have a 3D model of a shirt that I have added an image texture wrap around it. The model has UV mappings for different parts, like the front, back and sleeves. Is there a way that I could get or extract the part of the image where it landed to these parts or UVs? Like if I have a tree image wrapped on my 3D and the trunk falls within the front of the shirt is there a way that I could get or slice just the image that is within the front UV?

The only way of transferring contents of a texture to another texture is the usage of WebGLRenderer.copyTextureToTexture(). However, the extracted part is always a rectangle. You could also try to copy parts of the image on a canvas via canvas 2D API. However, I don’t know how to evaluate texture coordinates in this context.

Maybe it’s better to have individual texture for your model parts? In this way, it’s easier to access them (for whatever reasons).

Hi, Thank you for the response. We went to having the texture for each model part. There are still challenges like positioning the texture to where the part is positioned. But nevertheless it’s working. Thank you.