How to do a nice soft shadow?

I really love the soft shadows in but I’m not sure if I can get those lovely blurry edges without custom shaders, or how much it’ll impact real-time performance. Any tips?

To archive realistic shadow features the best option is backing them in your tool like Blender, which is an option if you

  • don’t need dynamic lighting
  • have a relatively small scene

The result of course can be very realistic with no cost for rendering dynamic shadows, it’s a good option for indoor scenes.

Ah, but I don’t use a tool at all, I’m just writing TypeScript against Three’s API. Everything fully dynamic. Should I just live with sharp-edged shadows?

You can take a look at this example with contact hardening giving a similar soft shadowing result

You don’t have to write custom shaders for shadowing. If you want to bake shadows you can use Blender (which is free), it generates the maps for you.


That’s what I was after, thanks!

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