How to decrease saturation in a Three JS scene?

So, I have this scene:

But the green in it looks too much green, and its kinda hard to deal with. I thought I could lower it with decreasing the saturation. If you have any other thoughts on how to do it, I want to hear it too. But, focusing on lowering the saturation, how can I do it? I googled about it and found some shaders and all but couldn’t make it work. Can someone help me with the code?

Can you change the green color to a less saturated green? If you wanted to desaturate the whole scene you could use a simple cheat and use css filter: saturation(0.8) on three’s canvas or the canvas container but assuming you just wanted to change the green and the colors aren’t all one texture you’d have change the color on a material level, if all the colors are all part of one texture you’d likely have to change this in a third party application (simple) or modify the colors of the texture at runtime (complex).


can you first check if you’re in srgb + filmic tonemapping? harsh colors are often a symptom.

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Woah @Lawrence3DPK way to go! Kudos for thinking outside the box, so simple and fast :muscle:t3:

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I solved it with the css filter and it looks better now. Thanks <3