How to combine multiple map texture and alpha data into terrain


I have the requirements below:

  • Heightmap: 256x256
  • 10 texture maps (each picture 8x8) (snow, grass, desert,…)
  • 10 data express the heightmap materials (snow, grass, dessert…). each data mapping fit-in 256x256 and data from 0-255 (material alpha)


  1. I want to draw the terrain 256x256 and apply 10 textures map with 10 data alpha.
  2. How can I render low-poly terrain as above?

I have spent weeks struggling but it cannot blend textures and alpha data as I want. I have tried to customize the ShaderMaterial but nothing works.


If I were you, I’d join all textures in an atlas, and then I’d set the UV coordinates of terrain vertices to pick the correct part of the atlas.

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Hi @PavelBoytchev ,
I have tried an atlas to merge multiple textures, but It doesn’t resolve my problem. Our project requests mix multiple textures as one, it is like multiple layers of stack overlap.

Then, most likely I do not understand your situation. Maybe someone else might provide help.

Meanwhile, I have an example of dynamically merging two textures (one with ice and one with moss). Do you want something like this, but with 10 textures?

Freezing cube


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  • Could you merge them in image editing software?
  • Could you merge them in Canvas 2D and use the result as a texture?
  • Could you have 10 overlapping terrains, each having one map?
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Maybe its called splat map