How to change the up and right axis in right handed coordinate system

I have an application that loads a model.

my server sends back response information about what axis to use for the right and up orientation in the following format:


I am using three js which uses the right hand coordinate system so i need to convert what ever the server says to this system.

upAxis and rightAxis is always returned and possible values are: x_positive, x_negative, y_positive, y_negative, z_positive, z_negative.

I created a starter code but i am not sure what else to do or what else needs to be done:

function rotate() {
    var a = state.currentInfo; //stores the values for upAxis and rightAxis
    if (a.upAxis === "x_positive") {
        //object itself
        scene.rotation.x = -90 * Math.PI/180;

How can i set the upAxis and rightAxis depending on what the server says

These types of conversion are not easy to handle. Just rotating the entire scene is one possible solution (we are actually doing this in ColladaLoader2). A real conversion of vertex information is more complicated. Maybe you find some information in this PR:

Is it possible to do the conversion in the content creation tool when you perform the export?

thanks for your reply. how can i do this for rotating the scene?


this shows z up only. is there anywhere i can get y and x up too? and x,y,z axis right too?

Sry, i haven’t the conversions memorized. But i’m sure the almighty Google search will help you further :blush: