How to apply scale?

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I am stuck with some AR issues on iOS. So, for some reasons in our project we use scale x -1 for flipping geometry. And that geometry loses facade faces in ‘quick look ar’ app on iOS. Scale x -1 is flipping normals in this app as I understand. All of this looks like an iOS issue, cause if we just open that model for view not for AR the model will render correctly.

That’s why I am looking for a method for applying scale for geometry in threejs like in the Blender ‘CTRL’ + A → Scale, which reset scale to 1 and keep transformation.

For AR we use a cross platform tool - model-viewer.

For Apply Scale like in Blender, see accepted answer in this thread.

With your facade faces issue, try experimenting with [Material.side] (three.js docs)
see this thread Three.js: How to flip normals after negative scale - Stack Overflow

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