How to animate camera at certain point

sir, my question is that how to achieve this kind of effects like "" . I was on Sketchfab where i saw this model, and it had hotspots enabled, wherein the camera pans into a specific part of the model. where to and how to add code in html file for camera animation in this file “” actuallly I found answer of this in that question but getting nothing coz I’m newbie.,please help. make tutorial for that please…thanx in advance sir!

I don’t think you can (or at least should) try to create that effect with skinning.

If you already have hotspots hard-coded - the easiest way would be to also hardcode camera transformation + zoom for each hotspot.

If you want to build a general solution for any hotspot, I think nice effect could be achieved by calculating a direction vector between center of the scene and the hotspot location - then place the camera somewhere along that vector and rotate towards the hotspot location (three has nice interpolation helpers for both translations and rotations that may also help you achieve the smooth transition between hotspots.)

could you please make and include example in “” like this one " "
actually I found only one example about tween.js and it’s static in “” library and of course it hasn’t any camera animation.

I explained you almost step by step what has to be coded - if you’d like someone to do all the work for you, this should probably be moved to jobs category and offer $$$ in exchange :man_shrugging:

ok thanks for every help sir…!