How to add stiker on Tshirt model with api?

hi >> can i do video and animation editor on my flutter app using treejs api ?? and this api can control any 3d model ?? I am working with Flutter to create an image editor in which the user can upload the image, modify it and write on it. I want, after the user designs what he wants, to see this design on a 3D model T-shirt in the middle, or on a cap in the middle, or on a mug, so how do I do that Through the api, the user can change any design on the T-shirt? And what properties are used in that, or how to access them, or to explain the idea
in this 3d model example Screenshot by Lightshot i need user upload pic to replace this design from mobile and previw 3d model

you would use decals. flutter, if you use it you surely know how to integrate three. otherwise i think react is a better fit for threejs, both for the web and native.

here’s a ready made template

if that doesn’t work out this is how you use decals in vanilla three.js examples

ps there’s a course for this as well explaining all the details

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