How to actually remove a line object?

i’ve got the following piece of code that won’t actually remove lines.
no errors are thrown, but it just won’t do what it should (also according to the threejs manual, i believe)

i’m probably making another beginner’s mistake, but i’d love some help here…

FYI : the live demo is at 3D file manager on

BTW : i’ve decided to truly opensource my entire framework, 3D stuff included, under the Creative Commons Attribution license. I’ll be making the necessary file uploads to github later today :slight_smile:
This will make ALL of my code free for any type of use, including commercial applications…
I’ll be living on donations instead of hoping to beat people in court. I just like that way of life better.

Have you tried reproducing the issue in a minimal ThreeJS scene and post it on JSFiddle/CodeSandbox etc? That’ll make it easier for people on the forum here to see where the issue might be (and might help you resolve it by narrowing down the issue).

One reason why this may not be visually removing the expected line is if you’re creating additional lines and not saving them in the t.lines array. Or you’re somehow adding them twice etc?

to reproduce this particular issue for use in jsFiddle (which, granted, does allow people to actually test modifications, which is very useful), is a lot of overhead for me.

i’ll have to think carefully about it.

i may want to reproduce the ability to test changes to my own code on my own site in much the same manner as jsFiddle does, instead.

(my framework is at a crossroads right now, i don’t quite know which of the major new features[1] i want to develop first)

[1] social media, forums, 3D info browser (princeton published free thesaurus data at, 3D file manager, jsFiddle functionality, etc, etc

i’m open to tips about what the world would need first :wink:

it was a silly beginner’s mistake after all (phew) …