How have you designed the eyebrows movement for animation_skinning_morph

I couldn’t even find it in the models/gltf/RobotExpressive/RobotExpressive.glb file, I am trying to have a 3D image of a robot arm that rotates from 0 to 180 and vice versa,I have used blender2.8.1 for animation and have exported the glb file and called it in an html file with three.js module, till here things are fine but now I want to stop it at some degree let’s say if I give in the value 30 then the robot arm should move by 30, and if the previous state was at 60 then it should add 30 and move to 90.

Can you please demonstrate with a live example your current work of progress? Or maybe share a github repository? Right now, your question is very vague which makes it hard to provide help/feedback.

The eyebrows on the robot model are animated with morph targets, which let you “morph” the mesh 0–100% between two pre-defined states. That’s not a good way to do rotation, though.

I’d suggest that you have separate, named meshes for each segment in your robot arm, get references to them with model.getObjectByName('arm_upper'), and programmatically increment the rotation however you want. For more advice than that I think you’ll have to share some work in progress, as @Mugen87 suggests. :slight_smile:

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