How does redbubble do their tshirt mockups? the design follows the folds of the tshirt

The product is this:

I think they did it on the server but I am perplexed on how they were able to do it. I have not found any tutorial online that satisfy this kind of requirement. Might be threejs but what are the steps in doing this. Thank you

It can be done in threejs and it will be much cooler because the customers will be able to orbit around the models

decals. a decal projects an image onto any geometry.

if you click canvas.js that’s all there is to it, the rest is just the UI and state model.

anderson mancini and i made a full course about it in case it interests you

I guess what a really want is a realistic mockup with a real human being model with it. Thank you guys for your replies… :slight_smile:

it would be the same, doesn’t matter what the shape is