How do I make three.js use OpenGL ES?

How can I get three.js to run with OpenGL ES?

Because when I run my program I get an error:

GLSL 1.10 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.00 ES, 3.00 ES, and 3.10 ES

I’m afraid this question does not make sense. You can’t target a specific native 3D API like OpenGL, Vulkan etc… That’s up to the system and WebGL implementation.

It seems you are asking about changing GLSL ES version with WebGL. Well, that is not possible. WebGL 1 shaders must be 1.0. With WebGL 2 it’s additionally possible to use GLSL ES 3.0.

okay, sorry for the confusion.

if that’s just a minor shader issue you’re curious about, never mind, but if you’re actually trying to run threejs on native platforms, then react-three-fiber uses opengles there without a webview or browser present. this currently works on ios and android, although microsoft is working on windows, macos, (linux?). you can try it out: