How do I create parametric families with an option to change sizes?

I want to create a parametric model of a door. I want to be able to change it’s height and width proportionally. Any idea on how do create that?

I want to create something similar to this parametric cabinet example:

Generally speaking such elements or furniture have a lot of rules defined in their often specialized CAD software, i’m currently working on a universal format/lib for procedural parametric construction.

However you construct it procedurally, either the geometry entirely or with segments/parts you stick together. In some cases you can also just scale the inner area of a model and clamp it’s border geometry to stay fixed, for a door this can be possible as well.

For doors specifically having experience myself with a configurator, all doors have individual construction plans, how individual parts/windows grow and their limits. So unlike one cabinet product with one universal ruleset it can be more complicated but it depends on the needs of the company, some are fine with less accurate representation. Some CAD software also can be used server side to generate/serve output on request.

For procedural construction you either work with a data structure you triangulate/UV map accordingly, in some cases you can also use CSG (constructive solid geometry) or NURBS (like spline extrusions, lathe etc)

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Maybe you can use some of it :thinking:

Construction of frames with contour/profile
ProfiledContourGeometry MultiMaterial
Showrooms easy to generate from data of a construction drawing or dimensional sketch - now on Github

From the Collection of examples from