How change threejs Editor ui (For Example add one Table)

I clone threejs from Github In Editor project I want to add a table from Grid.js

This Editor creates UI Elements from the ui.js file and I don’t know how should I add one custom Item there.

I createElement div and import Grid.js

 import {
} from './libs/ui.js';
import {
} from "";

function SidebarTable(editor) {
	var container = new UISpan();

	const grd = document.createElement('div');

	const tb = new gridjs.Grid({
		columns: ['Name', 'Email', 'Phone Number'],
		data: [
			['John', '', '(353) 01 222 3333'],
			['Mark', '', '(01) 22 888 4444']


	return container;


export {

when I add it, It damaged the style and cant load data :


how can I fix this? I’m a beginner in web and three.js too

I ask this in SO too but no one answers me and I will be grateful if help me.

Actually, I want to change the ui.js class and add my custom elements but I don’t know how should do that.