How can i use three.js model in Mapbox

Hi there,
I want to add my 3D model in Mapbox, but as default, we can add our 3D model with .gtlf format file, but I have a .obj and .mtl files. is Possible to do that?

Have you considered to convert your OBJ/MTL files to glTF via:

Hi Mugen,

Yes, I did, but when I import the model into Mapbox, the 3D model is different!

3D Model :

3D Model in Mapbox :

But the model does look good if you add it for example in the following three.js based viewer?

But I don’t know why it’s not displayed correctly on the map.

Any chances to provide a live demo demonstrating the issue?

I could not upload the files, but you can see my codes :

The codes are inside the HTML file.