How can i stop camera navigation while tweening

i want to stop camera navigation while its tween, i have tried

new TWEEN.Tween( Camera.position )
.to( { x: 50,y:50, z : 50}, 2000)
.easing( TWEEN.Easing.Quadratic.InOut)
.onUpdate(function() { Camera.navigationMode = “” })
.onComplete(function() {Camera.navigationMode = “Spin” })

but i doesn’t work

What type of the Camera object?
Could you provide a live code example with this type of object?

Perspective Camera

And where did you find that .navigationMode property of THREE.PerspectiveCamera()?
Also, you didn’t provide a live code example. Without it, it’s hard to imagine what’s happening in your scene whilst tweening.

What do you actually mean with “camera navigation”?