How can I retrieve data from shaders without OES_texture_float?

I already checked the GPGPU examples provided by three.js (water, birds, …) but the problem is my browser does not support OES_texture_float. Is there another way to read any data from the shaders (whether GPGPU, FBO’s, …) without using the extension “OES_texture_float” ?

OES_texture_float only provides the ability for floating point textures. It has nothing to do with reading data. I suggest you render into a render target and then use WebGLRenderer.readRenderTargetPixels().

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Any example code you can please direct me to ?

For instance the following demo uses the method:

Right here:

My error is:
No OES_texture_float support for float textures. ***.js:221:21
***initComputeRenderer .js?:221.

This error stems from:
var error = this.gpuCompute.init();
if (error !== null) {
** console.error(error);**

So my concern is the same with the code of the gpgpu with water. We are using the GPUComputationRenderer and that is why I am trying to use the OES_texture_float extension.

Well, if floating point textures are not supported, there is not much what you can do about it. It’s a hardware issue.