How can I random move inside a Polygon?

Hi guys, can u give me a light about this concern?
Let’s suppose that I have several character models, and I want each model to move randomly within the specified range without colliding with each other. Can you give me some help?Is there any API method that can make this easy? Thanks for your time.

You are asking for game related features which are no part of a pure 3D engine. To implement your feature request, you need:

  • A random walk or “wander steering behavior” implementation.
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance or non-penetration constraint (so game entities do not overlap)
  • Some sort of range restriction (meaning you want to keep the game entities in a specific area)

The Yuka project provides code examples for all of these use cases. I suggest you check out the example and showcase page for details.

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Thank you very much. This is a great library!