How can I parent a tube or extrude geometry to follow a rope physics object made up of a series of points?

I have a Ammo.JS 10 segment long rope physics object that I’m currently able to animate no problem and visualize using THREE.Line, but I’m having trouble translating that to a tube or extrude geometry. Ideally, what I’m looking to do is parent each ring of vertices in my tube/extrude geometry to the corresponding node/point of the rope physics object so it updates accordingly. Is this possible in Three.JS?

For reference, here’s a link to what I’m trying to achieve implemented in Babylon.JS + Ammo.JS, but to my knowledge Three.JS doesn’t have an equivalent to the Babylon.JS physics imposter.

This example uses cannon-es physics constraints. Source code is here. Note that if a texture is applied to the cable, it isn’t correct, so limited to a solid color for now.

Hope this helps