How can i load .abc in three js

How can i load .abc in three js what are the methods i can use

Hi Nikhil,

What do you mean by .abc?
Do you mean any arbitrary file format? You could use the basic THREE.FileLoader class for this purpose.

Alembic ( ABC ) file format 3D assets
i am asking about this format

Hi Nikhil,

Alembic importer is not available in Three.JS. But you can try this alternate workflow.

Download latest version of Blender, import your alembic file into Blender like this.



Then you can immediately export it as a gltf/glb file here.

After that, you could load the gltf/glb file using THREE.GLTFLoader in your application.

Hope this helps.


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but i have a website so where if user add file i have to show it .how this will be possible with blender


The question is out of context wrt to three.js but you could run an executable like this on AWS lambda when a user uploads a file to your server.

Then you could pipeline it to the gltf loader.

You could try to write your own importer.
I did it once in the early days when threejs didn’t support a particular format I wanted.

I think Threejs supports the format now, so my lib is no longer needed. I haven’t checked.
I wasn’t hard though, it just took a bit of getting into the zone for a little while.

But .abc though, that’s not a rabbit hole I want to enter

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It was once discussed to add an AlembicLoader at GitHub:

One interesting quote:

Alembic uses an insanely complex file format that one doesn’t want to have to decode in the browser

For some .abc files it won’t be possible to export directly to glTF or .mdd with Blender. For example, if the Alembic file uses different vertex counts on each frame. For that case, I’ve suggested another workflow here:



I work with scan models mainly from RealityCapture, and we use more and more alembic format.
Abc is way more lighter than the other formats and he can transport camera informations too.

I am actually building a installable pwa with threejs.
It is my first experience in this area and l really like it, particulary threejs.
Good job guy’s i love it.

So, reading i came a cross this thread … i know is tag answered but i am wonder if you are keep running the talk about alembic loader for threejs ?

Thank you.

TBH, no^^. Considering the conclusions at GitHub, I don’t think it is expedient to develop THREE.AlembicLoader.

Ho, ok, i have to take a look at Draco compression in this case.

Probably USD will become the next topic for a professional formats exchange, it is more and more seducing for scan tech also.