How can I embed an Iframe in Three.js 3D modeling?

Hello, I am a student studying coding in Korea.
So I am not good at English. I hope you understand.

I am studying Three.js now.
Then I found a site on
I want to embed another website with Iframe like the monitor display of this website.

But, no related technical document was found.
What should I do?
I’d appreciate your help.

You need CSS3D for that. I’ll need that too soon to embed youtube videos. There is a lot of info and examples on this forum like this one by hofk: MixedHtmlCssWebGl
Or this one: three.js/css3d_youtube.html at f021ec0c9051eb11d110b0c2b93305bffd0942e0 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

P.S. that old Windows simulation in the website you linked is awesome BTW :slight_smile:

bruno simon also just extended threejs-journey and there’s a lesson just for that: Three.js Journey — Fun and Simple Portfolio with R3F

Also this simpler example from the collection might be interesting for you.