How can I achieve something like this?

Hello! I was wondering how can I achieve something just like in this website(The diamond embed thing)

Model and shade in Blender (or whatever 3D software you like), export as glTF, duplicate one of the glTF Loader examples, modify it as you like, and you’re set.

The gold part is just a yellow-ish material with high metalness, and the stones are the same but white instead of yellow.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. But I need it to be anything you type like on that website. I think that it’s done by a custom shader. But the problem is I don’t know how to make one. So if you can find a shader similar to this it would be helpful.

You can use Text Geometry to generate the text on the fly. Apply a high reflective material and environment map and you are done. (The diamonds might be more difficult, if you want them I think you’ll have to figure out how to modify the text geometry to include them)

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I’m not fully familiar with three.js yet, but if normal and spec maps are supported, then that’s how you could get that effect.