House electrical simulator

Hello everybody.
I created this 3D electricity simulator with JS and Three JS. Its a three phase system with a bunch of parameters and components/devices to interact with. The components most likely visually differ from whatever country you are from, but the principles remain the same. I hope it runs decently well for everybody, as it is quite calculation heavy. Feel free to give feedback and bug reports.


Whoa, this is my dream project on college, this is awesome…

It looks implemented nicely,
great work! any future plan for this project?

This is very cool.

Hard to say.

I probably want to improve what I currently have, the biggest mistake I made is with the first rheostat. As of now it starts from 10 amps, but to better illustrate the current/resistor relations, it should start from 1 amp. However, I made the mistake of not realizing in time, that resistance/current does not grow linearly. In short, if I want to use 1 amp starting point, the rheostat model needs to be about 3x longer, meaning I have to redo all the models and curves. The curves in particular are a giant hassle.

I also may want to add reactive components - inductors and capacitors, so you can see the phase shifting of voltage/current. But, this was intended to sort of be a introduction to how electricity works to the people without any electrical knowledge.

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hello, for final work in my bachelor’s degree I have to do something like this but with simple DC circuits and some measuring devices (like voltmeter and amperemeter). I would like know where did you find resources to learn three js and especially the simulation of electricity. thank you for your reply