Highlighting holes of screws

I am looking for a way to detect holes of screws and highlight them for the user so he clicks on them. Is there anything you can suggest?
I know detection algorithm of holes might not be related directly to Three.Js but it would be helpful to know how to tackle this problem and integrate a solution in Three.Js? thanks for your help.
An exapmle is in the image:

Depends, how do you define “a hole for screw”? You need some kind of property that differentiates that specific part of the mesh from the rest, to be able to detect it.

Idealy I would need the

  • radius of the hole
  • depth of the hole
  • x,y,z of the center of the hole with respect to some coordinates

a circualr detection is maybe something to start with

The best solution is the person or the algorithm that created the object to also provide where are the holes (as metadata attached to the object).

If this is not possible, detecting holes might be hard and computationally expensive, depending on how robust and universal solution is required.