Highlight selected geometries in Drei View with @react-three/postprocessing

Hi there,

Previusely @drcmda kindly guided me through locking camera(thanks a lot again :slight_smile: ) on VIew(s) using react-three/drei here. Sync cameras within different canvas:

Now as in continution of my project I want to use @react-three/postprocessing to highlight selected geometries which it seems there is no direct way of doing it, since “effectComposer” doesn’t work structurally with View.

I just wonder if there is a way to customize it to work with the View. I looked through the main repo, however I think any help would put me in a right track to figure it out.


p.s: Highlight selection similar to this:

you can in theory use postprocessing in views but it’s probably not so easy if you are not familiar with vanilla postprocessing. you have to use the vanilla library and make it not render on the screen. it will most likely also require forking the view component because you need to take over the rendering.

other than that, drei has a new outlines component which works without postpro. though you’re already using AO so you probably want postpro anyway.

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