High school building, walkaround in threejs

Hey all. I’m a teacher in a high school and i made a project to draw the school, using threejs.
I wrote the framework around threejs and one of the students wrote the school.

m enables mouse.

would be nice to hear your thoughts.


It’s a little scary.:joy_cat: Wish I could make such work in my high school.


Nice work!

There are some z-fighting going on on the school building. Finally - maybe look into lighting a bit more, you’ll be amazed by how much difference lighting can make to you scene. Your scene is a bit dark for one. Another is - you can use light color to change the mood of the scene. Finally, light can be used to draw viewer’s attention to things you think they should focus on.

As with any project - there’s always room for improvement, but it’s great start!


Yes, it seems like the outside of the walls are competing against the inside. This can be solved by making materials one-sided (material.side different from THREE.DoubleSide), assuming the polygons are not doubled up.

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