Help pls: Visual Field Test

I’d like to make a visual field test with three.js but would appreciate some guidance based on the pointers below since i’m a bit new to programming

  • Can three.js position lights at specific points of the visual field (e.g. three degrees to the left, three degrees up from centre of vision)
  • Can three.js show different images to the left and right eye in VR mode

TYSM in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to the forum,

I guess you intend to test the user ability to see a point at a given angle the centre of their vision ?

You can use Vector3.applyAxisAngle to create the right direction vector. As to the object to position on your new point, you could make a Points or a Sprite, both have a sizeAttenuation property that will give them a constant size, independent of their distance from the camera.


Yes. You can use Object3D.layers to control the visibility of 3D objects for cameras.

  • Setting objects to layer 1 will make it only visible for the left eye/camera.
  • Setting objects to layer 2 will make it only visible for the right eye/camera.
  • Objects in the default layer 0 are visible for both sub cameras.
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