HELP --- changing segment length affects other segments' dashes

am creating punch of dashed segments using
dashed: true,
linewidth: lineWidth,
dashSize: 1,
gapSize: 1,
dashScale: 1,
dashOffset: 1

in updating


when i update the start or the end node position of segment if affect other segment dashed which is not desired … i want to keep otther segments dashes as is ANY HELP

You’ll need to implement individual materials for each line, objects that share the same material are setup to update the properties of the shared material on render

I would implement my own computation of length from the central point :thinking:
Happy New Year, btw :champagne:

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how would i implement individual materials am using LineSegments

happy new year dude :smiley:
any guidance for implementing custom computation of length i would be more than appreciable