Help Adjusting Animation Speed

Hello! I have created an animation through an unorthodox method of updating the position of an object from X,Y,Z values received in a CSV file and looped until reaching the end of the CSV. How would I be able to implement a feature for this animation to play at half or 3/4 speed?

In order to get any help, we need to see this unorthodox method!

Otherwise, you may consider using AnimeJS or GreenSock, at the price of few ko in bundle size, you’ll get better control over you animations.

Sorry here is the main function used to animate!

function animate() {

            if (dataIndex < convertedData.length && paused == false) {
                soccerBall.position.x = convertedData[dataIndex].x;
                soccerBall.position.y = convertedData[dataIndex].y;
                soccerBall.position.z  = convertedData[dataIndex].z;
                soccerBall.rotation.y += 1;
                soccerBall.rotation.z += 1;
                if (trailsEnabled == true){
                    trailMesh = new THREE.Mesh(trailGeometry,trailMaterial);
                    trailMesh.position.x = convertedData[dataIndex].x;
                    trailMesh.position.y = convertedData[dataIndex].y;
                    trailMesh.position.z = convertedData[dataIndex].z-50;

Check this example, the animation method has a time param.

function animation( time ) {
	mesh.rotation.x = time / 2000;
	mesh.rotation.y = time / 1000;

	renderer.render( scene, camera );

You can do the same with your method, tweak it till you get the desired speed.