Handling Meshes in the same way as Points


What is the best way to control a lot of meshes, like in this homepage for instance?
I’m used to work with particles, and I think I could achieve the same effect with Points and GPGPU, but in this example those are meshes and not Points so I’m missing one piece of the puzzle.

I know about THREE.BAS which in theory should help with that, but I find the approach used in this project somewhat awkward.

I also know about the threejs gpgpu birds example which is probably the better approach. But quite frankly the code is a bit too complicated to handle for me. If there was at least an explanation of the approach used that would probably be enough for me to grasp the logic, but without anything to guide me I just find the code confusing!

And finally, I also know about InstancedMesh but I find that quite limited.

Any input would be appreciated!

Actually, I would recommend that you start with that. InstancedMesh is ideal for implementing what you see at the linked website. Meaning rendering a large number of objects with the same geometry and material but with different world transformations. I suggest you have a closer look at the respective examples which are linked in the documentation page.


200K instanced tetrahedra work well for me


In the Collection of examples from discourse.threejs.org you can find some good examples of this.