Half hollow cylinder

Hi, I’ve tried to make a half hollow cylinder, so THREE.Shape() to create a half cylinder

   var arcShape = new THREE.Shape(); 
   arcShape.absarc( 0, 0, outerR, Math.PI, Math.PI*2, false );

then created a path to exclued
var holePath = new THREE.Path();

holePath.absarc( 0, 0, innerR, 0, Math.PI , true );

arcShape.holes.push( holePath );

var extrudeGeom = new THREE.ExtrudeBufferGeometry(arcShape, {depth: length, curveSegments: 64, bevelEnabled: false, bevelThickness: 0});

but the result is not what I expect


You don’t need to add a hole.
All you need is two arcs: Arc 2D shape from circle attributes - #2 by prisoner849

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Thank you!

You’re welcome :beers:

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